Presta Pace Paint Finishing System Kit

249.90 sisaldab KM.

The PACE™ Starter Kit combines the ease of use of an orbital with compounds that can finish in one step.

Pace Starter Kit on kogu komplekt tooteid et autode poleerimist alustada.

Igas PACE Starter Kitis on:

1 PACE™ Heavy Cut Compound – 16oz.
1 PACE™ Medium Cut Compound – 16oz.
1 PACE™ Ultimate Polish – 16oz.
1 PACE™ Protective Glaze – 16oz.
1 PACE™ Purple Foamed Wool Heavy Cut Pad
1 PACE™ Grey Foam Heavy Cut Pad
1 PACE™ Orange Foam Medium Cut Pad
1 PACE™ Black Foam Polishing Pad
1 Foam Pad Conditioning Brush
5 Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cloths


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